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Shopifreaks is like Morning Brew, The Hustle, and TLDR — but for people who care about the e-commerce industry.

Our goal is to bring you the most valuable industry news in a short weekly e-mail every Monday afternoon.

We highlight the latest happenings in the world of e-commerce including new advancements, partnerships, integrations, seed rounds, startups, public offerings, as well as major news surrounding Shopify and the other big players in tech-commerce.

Shopifreaks launched in Jan 2021 and has grown each week through readers sharing our newsletter with their networks, which is the best compliment we can receive as a startup.

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That’s me, Paul Drecksler, and my girlfriend Delfy. Hola!

Recent Newsletters

Shopify Audiences, Amazon kills Selz, & Alexa Cashback

Shopify Audiences, Amazon kills Selz, & Alexa Cashback

What if I told you that you had 60 days to rebuild your store on a different e-commerce platform? Could you pull it off? Would you allow your competitors to build a look-alike audience based on your customers if you could do the same to theirs? If Alexa made it easier...

Virtual Try-Ons, Account to Account Payments, & Meta Stores

Virtual Try-Ons, Account to Account Payments, & Meta Stores

Have you ever virtually tried on an article of clothing or a pair of sunglasses? What if you could mix and match accessories and apparel from multiple brands to see how they looked together before you made a purchase? Has BNPL gone too far when consumers start using...

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