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“I love Shopifreaks. Keeps me up to date with ecom news, easy to digest, and funny!”

Manny Flores


“Super current, finger on the pulse, and predictive as well.”

Jellyroll News


“Great information with true, positive energy behind the writing.”

Robert Hill


“A great rundown of all the latest ecommerce news, and I appreciate his analysis as well.”

Brad Hem


“Lots of great relevant information in the e-commerce community. Paul also gives his own opinions and unfiltered thoughts on each topic, which is something I really appreciate.”

Brian (The Nostalgia Den)


Fantastic summary of weekly e-commerce news! The newsletter is well curated with an array of information in a concise and easy to comprehend format which even a beginner like myself can understand.

Sayde Ridling


Best ecommerce newsletter out there, keep up the good work!

Magdalena Nowak


Love this newsletter! Has been super informative since I've started a business in the Shopify space.

Andrew Marconi


Shopifreaks is great at informing and entertaining me when it comes to keeping on top of what's happening with ecommerce.

Doug Honig


“Great newsletter to keep up to date on what's going on in ecommerce, and quite comprehensive. Always enjoy seeing the newsletter show up my inbox.”

Jason Shepherd


Shopifreaks' newsletters are digestible, informative, and interesting They are essential reading for anyone working in e-commerce. An absolute highlight in my inbox!


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#87 – Connected Stores, Shopify Translate, & Curbside Upsells

#87 – Connected Stores, Shopify Translate, & Curbside Upsells

When you think of trying on clothes with augmented reality, what pops into your head? How about the idea of "connected" grocery stores? As far as most people's imaginations go, some of those things are becoming a reality.  In this week's 87th edition of the...

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