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Getida helps Amazon FBA sellers maximize FBA reimbursements

by | Apr 16, 2024 | What's Next Series

What's next with Yoni Mazor, Co-Founder and CGO of Getida? Read our interview below to learn how Yoni helps Amazon FBA sellers maximize reimbursements.

What is Getida?

Getida helps Amazon FBA sellers get to the maximum levels of FBA reimbursements they are eligible to receive. Using patented technology and an expert service team, Getida solves the process from A to Z. Its free to join Getida, there is no subscription. We are a performance based solution.

Are you funded?

Yes, we're funded.

Who do you serve?

Amazon FBA sellers worldwide.

What's standout about Getida?

Impact – Getida users average a 166% increase in FBA refunds

Innovation – Getida uses patented technology to maximize FBA refunds

Customizable – FBA sellers use Getida as a backup for missed claims

What's next at Getida?

Getida has been on a mission to help FBA sellers maximize available FBA refunds worldwide since 2015. We have expanded our sales and support reach globally into Europe, and now plan to expand even further in Asia in the coming years. The reason is that a large number of Amazon sellers are based in China and are in growing need of a trusted and leading partner for their FBA auditing and reimbursement needs.

With 400+ strategic partners worldwide we plan to exponentially grow our partnership network into more e-commerce communities and platforms. We also plan to expand and upgrade the benefits we provide our partners with enlarged payouts, more crafted and dedicated exposure to our user base, enhanced content creation, and creative promotion activities. If you are a passionate e-commerce community member who is interested in helping other sellers Getida is the perfect partner and we are open for new partnerships!

New platform tool additions are also expected in Q2 & Q3 of 2024.

What's next in your niche?

Selling on Amazon is becoming more complex and cumbersome over the years. FBA sellers are challenged with an environment that is constantly changing. One recent change is the increase of FBA fees that engulfing most sellers. Thus, FBA sellers now, more than ever before, are looking for more ways to reduce their costs and increase profit.

One simple way to do so is to maximize FBA reimbursements. According to our data, on an annual rate, FBA discrepancies can range between 1-3% from the revenue of an FBA seller. It is up to the sellers to do an FBA audit, find the issues, and file claims to get reimbursed. This is when FBA auditing and recovery solutions such as Getida are expected to partner and help even more sellers and offer innovative solutions in the coming years.

What's one thing the public doesn't know about your professional background or founder story that has led you to this point in your career?

My success springs from myriad failures: failed business ventures, flawed product launches, and faltering tech initiatives. Yet, each setback has furnished invaluable lessons, paving the path to significant career achievements, and bringing me to this career juncture.

Getida emerged from our struggle to reconcile FBA transactions using Excel—a deluge of data crashing our system. This necessity spurred us to develop technology to resolve the issue for ourselves, later benefiting others.

What's one thing you wish people paid more attention to in the world?

The positive side of things. In both the business realm and beyond, individuals often fixate on challenges and their negative facets rather than the potential positives that arise from overcoming them. Hence, I wish for unabashed optimism, particularly during adversity. Embracing positivity fosters remarkable resilience, paving the way for significant success in life, business, and societies worldwide.

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