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Indonesia wants influencers to sell people on moving to its new capital Nusantara

by | Apr 19, 2024 | E-commerce News

Indonesia is actively utilizing influencers to foster a positive image of its new capital, Nusantara, which is set to house around 1.9 million people moving from Jakarta.

This strategic move comes as the country attempts to address concerns related to deforestation and the appeal of the new capital to younger populations.

Influencers have been showcasing Nusantara as a sustainable and innovative city, equipped to be 65% forest and 35% urban area.

Despite these efforts, there remains skepticism among the public regarding the environmental impact and the sincerity of the influencers' endorsements.

This initiative mirrors efforts in other countries where new capitals have been built, yet it faces unique challenges such as environmental degradation and potential flooding, which complicate the transition.

The government hopes that through influencer engagement, more people will be informed and persuaded to view Nusantara favorably, overcoming doubts about its viability and sustainability.

What are your thoughts on Indonesia's new capital? Would you live there?

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