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Order Editing App cuts support costs for Shopify store owners by letting customers edit their own orders.

by | Apr 21, 2024 | What's Next Series

What's next with Hamish McKay, Co-Founder of Order Editing? Read our interview below to learn how Hamish helps Shopify store owners cut support costs by letting customers edit their own orders.

What is Order Editing?

We let customers make post-purchase changes to their order in a self-service portal, instead of the old school email or call customer support. Customers get an immediate, 24/7 experience. Brands receive less support tickets and it creates a post-purchase upsell opportunity too.

Are you funded?

No, we're bootstrapped

Who do you serve?

If you're on Shopify, ship over 80,000 orders annually and ship apparel, cosmetics or supplements, you likely waste 40 hours a month editing orders.

What's standout about Order Editing?

We are the only Order Editing app that includes a post-purchase upsell engine – every brand that works with us does over $1000 of in app sales each month. We work with your 3PL, WMS, ERP, IMS, the lot.

What's next at Order Editing?

Man. It's an exciting time –

We just hired the founder and stepped down CEO of Patchworks, Dave Wiltshire to lead out our company in the UK.

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia – where we have begun working with the majority of the largest Shopify Plus brands. In 90 days I move to California to lead out our company in the US.

Our next app update launches full checkout extensibility features. Customers will have the power to make any post-purchase edit straight from the Order Status page, just like Shopify would have made it.

Customers can change address, variant, contact information, apply discount codes, cancel their order, swap products, buy more products, and soon – change payment information – INSANE!

We are in the middle of renovating our upsell features. Soon we will track customers product views on site, and add these products as the ones we recommend to the customer post-purchase at any discount you choose.

What's next in your niche?

We're focused on three things in our niche of self-service customer service.

1. Increasing frequency of use by your customers. Why? Because the more people editing their order post-purchase – the more you minimise the risk of shipping an incorrect order, the more your average order value increases, and the happier your customers are as they receive an immediate experience.

2. Decreasing variability of customer experience. Why? Consistency is king, we want everything to feel exactly like your store experience – that way they continue to shop with you.

3. Prove that post-purchase is the most compelling time to upsell a customer. Why? Customer commitment psychology. If we can recommend the best products at the right discount, customers will bite.

What's one thing the public doesn't know about your professional background or founder story that has led you to this point in your career?

The idea for Order Editing came from working with MrBeast throughout 2022. I managed his Shopify stores customer experience and we would receive 3000 order change support tickets every single month. Building an app for the world's biggest creator and having him be the pilot was an interesting experience to say the least!

Who should I interview next?

Oliver Rhodes – smartest guy I know.

Timothy Richardson – in the middle of building the UKs best eCommerce agency, and not the kind that will burn you.