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Build a human sounding AI call center in minutes with Adapt AI

by | Apr 11, 2024 | What's Next Series

What's next with Janak Agrawal, co-founder of Read our full interview below to learn about Janak's human-sounding voice assistants!


Adapt helps you set up an empathetic customer support team in a matter of minutes not months. For our e-commerce customers, we automate 80% of their inbound support requests coming over voice, chat or email.

Are you funded?

No, we're bootstrapped

Who do you serve?

Our target customers are BigCommerce businesses that require 24×7 customer support and multilingual capabilities.

What's standout about Adapt AI?

We offer an omnichannel solution that can handle your customer queries over email, chat, WhatsApp and **Voice** in over 20 languages.

What's next at Adapt AI?

We just went live on our first Bigcommerce store!!

We are currently handling all L1/L2 tickets over voice and chat for them. It has significantly reduced peak phone call volume and handles calls 24/7.

We are planning on offering the same capabilities over email and WhatsApp soon.

We are also working on adding sales capabilities to our agents. We believe that every e-commerce customer deserves a smooth sales experience which can be hard if you offer thousands of products. Our chatbots can recommend products, answer product-related queries and even negotiate prices.

We are trying to build a truly unified CX chatbot that is empathetic and sounds extremely human.

What's next in your niche?

One trend we have seen in the e-commerce industry is that chatbots generally suck. Using a chatbot is a bad experience for the customer as well as the company setting it up. You have to spend hours customizing it and have to manually upload the knowledge base every time you add a new product. They also don't learn from past conversations and improve with time.

We are trying to change this paradigm by building state-of-the-art AI agents. These agents directly integrate with your e-commerce platform and sync the knowledge base in real time. The agent can query your existing CRM solution to answer complex customer queries without the need to configure those interactions beforehand. They learn from past customer conversations, embody your brand voice and deliver an empathetic customer support.

Who should I interview next?

Saharsh Agrawal, Surface Labs

What's one thing the public doesn't know about your professional background or founder story that has led you to this point in your career?

I have worked most of my life in making AI more reliable and easier to use. I worked as a senior data scientist for a climate tech startup before founding Adapt, using AI to make the power grid more reliable and sustainable. I strongly believe in the role of AI in creating impact for a lot of different industries.

What's one thing you wish people paid more attention to in the world?

I think the magic lies in the details. I wish people put more thought and effort into everything they did. If you put great effort into building something, often the output is extremely beautiful.

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