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What's Next?

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Thank you for participating in my What's Next series, where I conduct written interviews with CEOs, founders, and high level executives at e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, SaaS companies, fintechs, and other startups.

My goal with this series is to publish bite-sized features that introduce new technology to my readers and give startups an outlet to share what they offer and what's coming next in their business.

If I selected you for this series, it's because I believe that your company offers an exciting product that more folks in our industry should know about!

Take your time answering the questions below. Your responses will be seen by 10,000+ readers of Shopifreaks E-commerce Newsletter, as well as my network on LinkedIn.

Please note that this is an intentionally short feature designed to fit within a LinkedIn post, so I've limited the character count of the answer fields below. However I encourage you to be as detailed as possible with your answers within the character constraints.

If you have any questions, e-mail [email protected] or send me a message on LinkedIn.

The Interview Questions